Corin, daughter of Chaos

Corin's paternal parentage were unknown to her, and all she knew of her mother was that she was a young High-Lady of Chaos, who sought to essay The Logrus at too early an age and with too little knowledge and experience, and if that were not enough, she was pregnant with Corin at the time.


But Corin's mother only just failed to complete The Logrus, most of her body being crushed by the uncontrollable forces that pass through its ever changing corridors and challenges, and sensing how close she had come, and the fetus inside her, The Logrus itself intervened, delivering the babe, and this was the scene that Suhuy came upon as he completed The Logrus himself in an effort to catch Corin's mother.

The Logrus gave the babe over to Suhuy, promising that the madness Suhuy would suffer having completed the Logrus would be minimal. Suhuy was commanded to take care of the child, as The Logrus had great plans for her. Even as Suhuy took up the child, he could feel a strange and yet familiar power surrounding, penetrating and flowing through her small body.

Corin grew up as Suhuy's adopted daughter, and she showed a prodigious capacity and skill for magic, unlike any Suhuy had taught for many millennia. But during the whole time Corin spent with Suhuy, she was never able to pry from Suhuy details of her mother and father. The only thing he gave away, was that she possessed the blood of Chaos and Amber in her veins.

Eventually Corin's natural inquisitiveness about her parentage, and Suhuy's stubborn silence, got the better of her, and after easily traversing The Logrus and her madness being mercifully brief, she departed Chaos for the other end of reality, in search of knowledge of at least one half of her parentage.

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Exalted Logrus Mastery

Pattern Imprint (Corwin's)

Basic Shape Shifting


   Correspondence (6)

   Forces (8)

   Life (7)

   Matter (8)

   Mind (6)

   Prime (12)