My family...

The most important thing in the world to me is my family. My family consists of me, Pádraìg (Patrick or Paddy) Timmins, my beautiful and funny wife, Jane Timmins, my step-son Liam Catterson, our son Alexander Joseph Timmins, and our daughter Elizabeth Alana Timmins.

Of course there are more; parents, grandparents, brother and sisters (lots of both of these on Jane's side) and also a ton of nieces and nephews (the vast majority from Jane's side of the family). I will try to get some kind of family tree up here at some point. I'll just have to make the page twice a wide, as Jane's side of the family is enormous.


Me and Jane


The Sungate at Machu Pichu

(our honeymoon)

Jane and I were married  2002, and we honeymooned in Peru. Not your standard beach holiday, oh no! A 3week trek from Arequipa in the south, across the Peruvian Andes, where we rafted down the Apurimac river before hitting Cusco with very bad tummies. Then after tackling the Inca Trail, we spent our last few days on Amantani island on Lake Titicaca. A truly fantastic experience.

Shortly after we returned from Peru, Jane fell pregnant and in May 2003, she gave birth to our son Alexander. Elizabeth was born in January 2006, and at 9lbs exactly she continued the fine tradition of Timmins babies being right porkers! When she arrived I felt as though I have just been through some kind of time warp, because she did look EXACTLY like Alexander did at one day old. They are both amazing kids, of course, bright, funny, cheerful, energetic, devious and naughty.  All the attributes that no child should be without.