Joshua, son of Dworkin

Joshua is the son of Dworkin, and the slightly younger fraternal twin of Oberon. He grew up in Chaos, in the time between the forming of the secret alliance between Dworkin and the Unicorn, and the creation of The Pattern.

While Oberon was ever popular in Chaos, being naturally tall, sociable and charismatic, Joshua was much more a student of of the arts of magic. Both were encouraged to study with Suhuy, Master of the Logrus, by their father Dworkin, as he was often away on "business", and whilst Oberon learnt a fair amount before entering the Courts political scene (which suited him much more), Joshua was a much more dedicated student, and he quickly rose to be the best student Suhuy had ever had, and probably ever would have.

Oberon's efforts to get Joshua more involved with the politics of the Courts met will limited success. By this time Joshua's powers allowed him to see into the minds of others and read their body language, and them being so great, he could not help but see the falsehoods and feeble attempts at manipulation the nobles of Chaos attempted. Joshua quickly bored of the court scene and returned to his studies.

But when The Pattern was brought into being, Chaos rose up against the family Barriman, and even the influence of Suhuy could not protect Joshua. As powerful as Joshua had become, being the equal of Suhuy in most things (except for knowledge of the Logrus) he could not withstand the masses of Chaos. The creation of the Pattern united Chaos as nothing else had in the past, and the brothers were imprisoned in the dungeons beneath the Cathedral of the Serpent, where their powers could easily be dampened, and additional magical restraints placed on them.

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Advanced Logrus Mastery

Advanced Trump Artistry

Advanced Shape Shifting

Advanced Power Words


   Correspondence (8)

   Forces (8)

   Life (3)

   Matter (6)

   Mind (10)

   Prime (10)

Oberon was freed by his lover, Sarik, but they were unable to free Joshua at the same time. Joshua was resentful at being imprisoned in the first place, and these feelings of betrayal were exacerbated, at being left by his brother. But Joshua's power of the Mind was so vast, it could not be contained indefinitely, and he was eventually able to break free of the chains on his mind. Once freed, and as no other time before or since had done, Joshua put forth his power in order to escape Chaos. Those who witnessed that day never forgot it. Joshua became a hurricane of forces, an terrifying being to behold. Many who stood against him were killed or reduced to gibbering wrecks, never to recover.

Joshua escaped Chaos, but he could not bring himself to seek out his brother and father, who had abandoned him, so he lost himself in Shadow, where he has dwelt for many long ages.