Kyle, son of Fiona

Kyle is the only son of Fiona, and the only member of the party who moved freely to and from Amber at the start of the campaign.

Kyle's shadow of birth is unknown to anyone except his mother, who being fully aware of the danger that came with being a child of the Court of Amber, and the coercion that such a child might be subject to, she did not bring Kyle to Amber until he was a fully matured adult, and after she had schooled him rigorously in the skills of magic and the Court. It was not until after Patterfall that Kyle was presented to the Court of Amber, and to the new King, Random.

Kyle is second only to his mother in his powers as a Pattern sorcerer, but lacking the benefit of having an uncle like Benedict around during his youth, his skill with the blade leaves a lot to be desired. But the studies Fiona forced Kyle to complete paid off well, for he absorbed all his mother could teach him regarding the creation of Trumps, and he quickly surpassed her. Kyle's skills with Trumps is now unparalleled among the descendants of Oberon, and possibly greater than Dworkin himself.

Given Fiona is so often away from Amber, it is Kyle that King Random often leans on for support and advice with magical affairs, and Kyle is frequently sent on diplomatic missions for the King, when a magician is needed.

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Advanced Pattern Imprint

Exalted Trump Artistry

Attuned to the JoJ


   Correspondence (5)

   Forces (6)

   Life (5)

   Matter (4)

   Mind (8)

   Prime (5)