Julian May

I was exposed to Julian May's Saga of the Exiles while my brother was at secondary school. He was loaned book one, The Many Colored-Land, by his English teacher (if I recall rightly), and he loved it. My father then read it, and finally after an unseemly delay (I think I was reading The Belgaried at the time), I finally picked up book one myself.

I just couldn't put it down once I had started it. It was just great. A wonderful blend of science fiction and fantasy. Archetypal characters, which were easy to love and/or hate, a fantastic setting, and the mind powers were amazing.

The Saga is just great and I awaited the Galatic Milieu series with great anticipation. I thought the prequile, Intervention, was just great. Uncle Rogi was a brilliant character, and the whole discovering powers thing in a world that anyone of us can relate to was a master-stroke.

The Milieu series itself was not as good as the Saga or Intervention, as far as I am concerned. I still enjoyed it, because the Remillard family is so cool, but it was unfortunately just a bit predictable, and not just because we knew what was going to happen to Marc and Jack.

Sadly Julian May does not appear to have the following I think her these series should gift her. Certainly there is very, very limited artwork to choose from.

As of now (early 2019), there are rumours that a film is in the offering, which does send shivers down my spine. I do feel almost as attached to The Saga of the Exiles as I do to The Lord of the Rings, so if they screw it up like Jackson, then it is going to be incredibly disappointing.

As I have with Amber, I like to speculate about certain Pliocene topics, which I will list below, as I complete them.

Saga of the Exiles related essays

Again as with Amber, the Saga of the Exiles just does not have the following of something like Tolkien and Middle-earth, so I hope that anything I produce below will be well received, if only because I don't know of anyone else doing it for this series of books. Unfortunately, because Julian May is simply not a popular an author as she deserves, the amount of artwork out there is very limited. Hopefully this will change over the next few years, particularly if the rumour of a film comes to fruition: