William, offspring of Bennu

William seemingly came into being, observed by a delegation from Amber, on an alter in the Shadow Malkeeva, summoned by a lost daughter of Oberon (unaware of her parentage).

The sorceress, Alesha, proclaimed him the Saviour of Malkeeva and pleaded for him to save her homeland from the invading forces of darkness (actually an army from Chaos, led by a petty and petulant Lord of Chaos).

William and the Amber delegation (which included Kyle, Caine, and Corin) confronted the invading army. As it happened the invasion of Chaos had caught the attention of Joshua too, who happened to live in a nearby Shadow, and who had felt the disturbances cause by the Chaos army's passage through Shadow.













Advanced Abiding Flame

Advanced Shape Shift

The Chaos army was defeated, and in revenge for the defeat, the Lord of Chaos at it's head ordered his sorcerers to bring forth Primal Chaos to destroy the Shadow. The Amberites and their companions escaped back to Amber. William seemed to be completely innocent and had no knowledge of his past before appearing on the alter.

Sensing power within him Kyle set about testing William's physical and mental skills. William appeared to easily master Caine in a straight melee combat, and he fought Gerard to a stand off in unarmed combat. William was not as strong as Gerard, but clearly had the mastery as far as skill in combat was concerned, leading to a deadlock. Kyle investigated William's mind himself, and discovered that William appeared to be infused with a pure and energetic power, reminiscent of the limited experience Kyle had with the power of Chaos. And yet WIlliam clearly exhibited no particular affinity with the Chaos of which Kyle had experience.

Investigations into William continued, but in the meantime, he proved a loyal and potent ally against the trials that were to come.