Roger Zelazny

I don't recall when I was introduced to Zelazny's Amber, other than it was sometime during Secondary School (age 11-16). But it must have been a couple of years before the first book of the second Amber series was published, Trumps of Doom in May 1985, because I know I had read all five books of the Corwin series well before the Merlin series came out.

I have to confess as having enjoyed the Corwin series more than the Merlin series, but I am not so obssessed with the first series, that I would dismiss the second series, as some seem to do. Why they do is anyone's guess. Zelazny wrote an published them, so just get over it.

Amber related essays

Amber just does not have the following of something like Tolkien and Middle-earth, so I hope to be on firmer ground when writing on a topic related to Amber than I would be in Middle-earth. So that which I have contemplated is below: